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HELP WANTED! Open Board Positions


Westwood Little League has open Board positions that will need to be filled soon in anticipation of the 2022 season.  If you're interested in volunteering, and would like to give back to the program, please reach out to John Healey at Jhealey430@hotmail.com.  Candidates will be sworn in at the November 9th Board meeting.  

Open positions and their description of duties include:


     Player Agent/Registrar/Webmaster. The Player Agent/Registrar/Webmaster shall:

  1. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of registrations and submits team/league rosters to Little League Intl..
  2. Assist the president in checking birth records and eligibility of players for Williamsport Tournament play.
  3. Manage and oversee the online registration process for play.
  4. Manage and oversee the online registration process for all coaching and umpire prospects.
  5. Ensures that league rosters, coach’s information, league rules and guidelines and pitching records are maintained and posted on the website.
  6. Posts notices and League news on the website.
  7. Create all seasons, divisions and teams, assign coaches and rosters for each team, create schedules for each team for each season.  Open and close registration
  8. Assists the Safety Officer in collection and review of all coaches’ confidential information for safety review.
  9. Works with each Division Coordinator/Player Agent in conducting tryouts, player selection and team creation.
  10.  Set up and manage the league’s official website (site authorized by Little League International);
  11.  Set up online registration and ensure the league rosters are uploaded to Little League;
  12.  Assign online administrative rights to other local volunteers;
  13.  Encourage creation of team web sites to managers, coaches, and parents;
  14. Ensure that league news and scores are updated online on a regular basis;



Fields Coordinator

  1. Responsible for keeping fields in playable condition.
  2. Works with town DPW to make sure fields are maintained properly.
  3. Responsible for submitting the schedule to town and obtaining permits to play.
  4. Schedule fields for ball game play and practices

League Coordinators for Kball (kindergarten) and Instructional Leagues

  1. Each of the above coordinators coordinates registration with Player Agent.
  2. Recruits, reviews and pre-approves all head and assistant coaches for each season.
  3. Manage the (previous year’s) ratings of players, establish the draft order and oversee the draft process (for Kball, Rookie and Instructional:   establish fair teams based on school district considerations).  Coordinators of the older leagues oversee and gather evaluation data on all players at or near the completion of the spring season and ensure there is a fair set of grading criteria consistently applied by all coaches.
  4. Creates a Spring in-town schedule of games.  Ensure any playoff system is fair and balanced
  5. Resolve disputes, presents disciplinary matters to the President/Board, report incidents to the President/Safety Officer.
  6. Monitor  field and equipment conditions.
  7. Assists the Equipment Manager in the dispersal and collection (if applicable) of uniforms and equipment.  Works with Field Coordinator to maintain and stock field shed.
  8. Assist in review, scheduling and management of umpires (NA to Kball, Rookie and Instructional)
  9. Ensures leagues follow consistent and clear rules for practice and games at the outset and during the season.
  10. Works with Player and Coaching Development Director to train coaches and run clinics for players. Ensure that all coaches know the importance of learning all players in the league from the earliest years through their advancement in the program.
  11. Works to build enthusiasm and momentum.  Support sponsor programs such as photos for sponsor recognition plaques


Thank you,


by posted 09/02/2021
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