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USA Baseball has issued new bat rules that will take effect January 1st 2018 making most previous models obsolete


The new rules are trying to make the baseball bat have a more wood-like performance. While we all love to see our kids hit home runs, it has gotten to the point that smaller/lighter kids are hitting them over the trees. The #1 driver behind this new standard is safety. If a little kid can knock them out, imagine a young pitcher getting hit with a line drive from a bigger, 5'8", 160 lb 12 year old. 


So, what does this mean for your little league player? Unfortunately, it means a new bat ($$, $$$) or a wood bat ($). Wood bats are making a big come back because of the new standard. 


Please don't go out and buy a "cheap" bat that you may not be able to use next season. Make sure Grandma and Grandpa are aware before spending money on a birthday or Holiday gift that won't be allowed in a LL/BR baseball game.


A little light reading for you........


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Or......just go wood!!


Barnstable Bat Company in Barnstable Mass.



Axis Bats in Fall River Mass.