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Following is the summary of the general process related to player assignments to summer teams.


League Year 10, 11, and 12 Process

Coach Selection (A Team):

All WWLL Spring Head and Assistant Coaches are eligible to Head Coach the Summer A team for their child’s respective age group (12A, 11A, 10A)

  • The Majors Coordinator will solicit interest for 11A and 12a Summer teams with the Minors Coordinator handling that role for the 10A team
  • Coaching candidates will be presented by applicable coordinator to the WWLL board
  • The WWLL board will approve 1 group of coaches (1 Head and 2 Assistants) to represent WWLL as their applicable age group Summer A teams coaches. (1 group for 12A, 1 group for 11A, and 1 group for 10A)
    • Note:  Candidates for coaching who are on the WWLL board will neither be present nor have a vote for the age specific group they are requesting to coach.
  • The group of Coaches receiving the highest number of votes will be selected as the WWLL A coaches for their age specific group.
    • Note 1:  In the event of a tie the WWLL board will discuss the candidates again and hold a second round and will continue subsequent rounds until the tie is broken.
    • Note 2:  The Head coach can add additional assistants from the group of rostered player parents upon completion of player selections.

Player Selection (A Team):

To be eligible for A team selection, players must have attended at least 50% of WWLL Spring games within their division.  Additionally, WWLL would like all kids chosen on the Summer A teams to be fully committed and in full attendance during the summer season.  Any planned vacations or other known scheduling conflicts need to be known before the teams are finalized.  We will factor known attendance issues into the player selection process, as we not only want the most deserving kids to be on our teams, but also the kids that will be there a very high % of the summer season.

Two Coaches per Majors team will vote on 12A and 11A players.  Two coaches per Minors team will vote on 10A players (this will also include input from Majors coaches for 10s playing in Majors).

  • The Majors and Minors coordinators will supply a list of eligible Summer players for voting.
  • Majors coaches will submit a list of ten (10) WWLL 12-year olds and (10) WWLL 11-year olds to the Majors Coordinator and same the process will be followed by the Minors coordinator for 10s.
    • Note 1:  Summer A team selections should be based on Coach evaluations throughout the season as well as the age specific tryouts for Summer Ball.
    • Note 2:  This is confidential, Coaches are to only send this information to the applicable Coordinator and to not discuss/collaborate with coaches outside of their Spring team.

The Majors/Minors Coordinator will host a call to discuss player selection with voting coaches as well the board approved Summer A coaches.  These calls will happen per age group.

  • The top 9 players (with the highest number of votes) will be awarded a roster spot on the WWLL Summer A team for their respective age group. 
  • The remaining 3 players will be determined by the board approved Head Coach with input from both their approved assistants and voting coaches per age group. 


Process for 10, 11, 12 B Teams to be updated shortly

Process for other Age groups to be updated shortly