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General Process for all Divisions:
  • Parents indicate a desire to be a head coach or an assistant coach during the spring player registration process

  • All interested parties are required to provide personal information for CORRI background checks at the time of registration

  • All prospective coach's data is provided to the respective division coordinator upon the close of registration

  • Division Coordinator reviews the list to ensure there are enough head coaches for the required number of teams based on the number of registered players

  • If there are more (or less) prospective head coaches than teams, the division coordinator talks to the prospective coaches to see if anyone will step back to (or up from) an assistant coach position

  • Once the head coaches are established, the division coordinator discusses each coaches preferred assistant coach

  • Solicit input from the WLL Board on candidates regarding issues, concerns or considerations 

  • Division Coordinators are then required to submit the list of head and assistant coaches to the full WLL Board for approval

  • Criteria such as advanced playing experience, prior coaching experience, and/or past issues or complaints factor into the recommendation of the Division Coordinatoras well as the approval process by the Board

  • In those divisions which hold a draft (Majors, Minors, and International) only one head coach and one assistant are named prior to the draft.  All other players are put in an open draft pool.